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> Redesigned, Stable Version of Pioneering XSL Formatting Objects
> Processor Rounds Out Apache XML Software Stack
> FOREST HILL, Md., July 21 -- The Apache Software Foundation (ASF) -
> the all-volunteer developers, stewards, and incubators of nearly 150
> Open Source projects and initiatives - today announced the Version 1.0
> release of Apache FOP, the Open Source XSL Formatting Objects
> Processor.
> An Apache project since 1999, FOP is one of the industry's first print
> formatters driven by W3C-standard XSL Formatting Objects created to
> display, convert, and print to formats such as PDF, PostScript, SVG,
> RTF, and XML. In addition, FOP is among the most commonly-used
> output-independent formatters.
> The Apache FOP code base has grown over the past decade under the
> guidance of a Project Management Committee (PMC) who oversee its
> day-to-day activities and community development.
> "FOP v.1.0 provides a good subset of the W3C XSL-FO 1.0/1.1
> specification. Its stable, 1.0 designation provides added recognition
> as the productive tool it has been for years," said Jeremias Marki,
> member of the Apache XML Graphics Project Management Committee. "Its
> redesign and improved features in the layout engine makes it an even
> better experience for the many developers and users who produce
> millions of pages each year."
> Apache FOP is in use at Accenture, Airbus, Australia Post, BNP
> Paribas, Capgemini, Credit Suisse, CSC, Denic, European Patent Office,
> FedEx, Ford, HP, IBM, IntelliData, Marriot International, Morgan
> Stanley, Polaris, Siemens, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual
> Property, Tecra, US Army, US House of Representatives, and Wyona,
> among many others. In addition, FOP is the default implementation
> bundled in XML editors such as XSLfast, Oxygen, and XMLSpy.
> "Thunderhead relies on open standards, and FOP is at the heart of our
> innovative NOW platform. We are proud to have been able to play a part
> in its development," said Glen Manchester, CEO of Thunderhead. "As
> long-time supporters of FOP, our congratulations go to the whole FOP
> team at Apache on reaching the Version 1.0 milestone."
> The release of FOP v.1.0 completes a free XML software stack,
> comprising: Apache Xerces, Apache Xalan, and Apache FOP. The ability
> to insert graphics into one's print output is possible using Apache
> Batik. The Apache XML stack makes transforming and formatting XML data
> (for example DocBook XML) a viable option for individual and start-up
> users without business cash flow.
> "Some 'overnight successes' take ten years or more," said James
> Governor, Analyst and Founder of RedMonk. "Apache FOP seems to be one
> of them."
> "The training wheels are long gone," said Apache XML Graphics PMC
> Chair Simon Pepping. "FOP's popularity is undisputed; FOP is used from
> an individual developer's pet project to large-scale document
> production. FOP is not yet 'feature complete', and work on it is
> continuing. We hope this important step forward will motivate skilled
> developers to jump in and help us make Apache FOP even better."
> Availability
> FOP v.1.0 is released under the Apache Software License
> v2.0. Downloads, documentation, and related resources are available at
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