Dear FOP dev,

Some of you might recall that, some months back, I sent some email
into this list looking for a FOP contributor who was interested in
being paid by us (Basis Technology) to take on some of the issues
related to complex scripts and fonts.

As it happened, none of the committers had the necessary combination
of time and interest. However, Glen Adams, an old hand in this
technology area and a someone we at Basis have known for a long time,
was available.

So now he has, in effect, a private branch of the code base that
addresses these issues, and he has been, as I understand it, in
correspondence with this group.

Basis remains very enthusiastic about seeing FOP become capable in the
areas addressed by Glenn's patch, and so we are, still, more than
willing to do any reasonable thing to advance this process.

When we need here is one or more committers with necessary time to
review, critique, and iterate until this functionality can be
committed. As before, we are more than willing to pay consulting rates
if that would facilitate this.

Basis is a sponsor of the foundation, and I'm a member, and we see
this as just another way in which we as a company can contribute to
the work of the ASF in an area where we have a particularly acute

Thanks for your consideration,

Benson Margulies

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