I created some embedded code using EmbedFontInfo to load custom font
files into the Renderer setFontList and setupFontInfo methods.
I have a program with embedded Java running on the server which is
working fine for creating a PDF and getting output to a printer.
Now I'm trying to use client Java through Webstart to get the awt
PreviewPanel working and it doesn't like the file path to the fonts.
I'm trying to simplify file references by putting fonts, images in a
jar.  That jar should be on the classpath and the server and client
should be able to reference the files in it the same way.
I recompiled my FOP 0.95 jar to embed those files.  I can put them in a
separate jar if it makes more sense.
Is there a simple way to reference the jar font file from embedded code?
I tried creating an EmbedFontInfo object using
"jar:file:c:/web/public/fop.jar!/Fonts/LTYPEB.TTF" for the embedFile
parameter, and it crashes on the createFont method in the
CustomFontMetricsMapper object.

WARNING: Unable to load custom font from file
java.io.IOException: Problem reading font data.
        at java.awt.Font.createFont(Unknown Source)

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