I agree that we should remove this. The manifest's Classpath is quite
restricted in its usefulness. Furthermore, I've long ago added some code
that builds up the classpath dynamically when necessary. Hardly anyone
will call FOP by "java -jar fop.jar". Most people will use one of the
scripts (I do, too). If noone objects, I'll remove it.

On 10.08.2010 16:48:18 Eric Douglas wrote:
> I see there's still a classpath statement in the 1.0 Manifest.mf file.
> Is this necessary?  Could this be removed in the next version, and
> document a classpath parameter to pass for manually executing?  I run
> this with embedded code from an app which already has a classpath, so I
> have to recompile as the manifest classpath interferes, and having this
> classpath hardcoded prevents testing with updated versions of the
> referenced jars.

Jeremias Maerki

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