It just occurred to me that a user might want to delete the cache and
process his next files.

And I noticed that only an unknown option and 'mime list' exit, and
now delete-cache.


On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 05:40:37PM +0800, Adrian Cumiskey wrote:
> Hi Simon,
> The intent is that the user just wishes to remove the cache file and not
> carry out multiple activities at the same time.  So is it desirable to
> continue execution?
> If we do continue executing, there is a small complication in that the user
> configuration is set prior to the deletion to ensure that the correct cache
> file is being deleted.  This would mean that we would need to record that
> the user configuration had already been set so as to not set it again for a
> second time. I'll revisit this again asap.

Simon Pepping
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