Hi There!

 I finally had to dig into the code of Fop as I really need this balancing to 
work fine.
I found the Class BalancingColumnBreakingAlgorithm where I made some tests.

It seems for me that the calculation of the "fullLen" does not return the 
correct value:
"fullLen = ElementListUtils.calcContentLength(par, activeNode.position, 
par.size() - 1);"

I think the headers appearing in the other columns except the first one are not 
counted into the full content length.
When I added the approx. width of the header to the "fullLen" the balancing was 
fine as the "idealPartLen" had the right value.

Can anybody tell me please if this could be fixed?

Thanks in advance!

Using FOP 1.0

> Hi!
>  I made some basic tests and found some additional info. (basic test 
> attached) 
> If Im using no header the problem does not occur.
> But with header the columns are not balanced.
> like:
> Header    Header
> 123456    567890
> 234567    678901
> 345678    
> 456789
> Summary: 1234567890
> This is not normal or???
> Adam 
> <fo.xml><ATT00001..htm>

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