--- Comment #4 from Mehdi Houshmand <> 2010-10-14 07:26:36 EDT 
I've had a look at this issue for dashed borders ONLY. There are some
inconsistencies between PS/PDF and AFP as to how these borders are drawn. There
are a couple issues here:
1) For dashed borders the "dash" and the white-space between are the same
length. This may seem trivial but doesn't quite look right, and isn't the same
behaviour as XEP. (This applies to PS/PDF and AFP.)
2) Since PS/PDF have almost identical code (duplicated) for this function (and
other methods), there really should be proper centralisation to prevent
duplication. Since both PDF and PS classes inherit from, if
we create a class to sandwich in between this inheritance stack it could
contain utility methods such as this. So it will be:
BorderPainter->AdobeBorderPainter then either PS/PDF-BorderPainter.

I'll make a slight change how both of them draw the borders (the change will
make them behave the same). Currently the ratio between dash-whitespace is 1:1,
this is implicitly a "magic number". I'll make a variable called
DASHED_BORDER_SPACE_RATIO that make this configurable, it will also ensure that
the output is the same between the various formats.

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