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patch that might fix this and another unreported bug

Hello all,

first of all, i believe this is not a duplicate of 41389.

i came across the same issue. all the numbered list items rendered with '1.'.
Furthermore, a second problem was that all subsequent blocks after the list
block, inside the same containing table cell block, would be prefixed with
'2.', '3.' etc respectively.

i fixed the first problem by commenting a couple lines that, as david said,
turned each list item in a list on its own. it seems to me like it is a relic
from a time where something else wasn't working as it is now. someone else will
have a a better judgement, but i didn't see any negative impact.

for the second problem, seems that the list block should be prefixed and
suffixed with the 'pard' control word in order to restrain the formatting from
"bleeding out" to neighbouring blocks. however, due to compatibility issues,
this will explicitly not happen when the list is contained in a table. what i
did was wrap the list with groupmarks regardlessly, ("{}") thus preventing the
bleeding. again, this was just enough to solve my issue, and i didn't see any
negative impact.

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