I have used the JAXB tool XJC to generate a set of classes which

As wikipedia explains, "Java Architecture for XML Binding (JAXB)
allows Java developers to map Java classes to XML representations.
JAXB provides two main features: the ability to marshal Java objects
into XML and the inverse, i.e. to unmarshal XML back into Java
objects".  JAXB is similar to XMLBeans.  It is JSR-222.

You can see the Java classes for fop.xsd at

My motivation was initially to be able to create somewhat complex
layout master set; see

I'm planning to publish the code somewhere as a code base independent
from docx4j.  Is there any interest in having it as part of FOP?

What if FOP could ingest these Java objects directly (ie without the
having to be marshalled first)?

If there is no interest, that's fine.  I'll just put the code on
Google Code, say.

cheers . Jason

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