I'm using Fop in client-server (webstart).  Creating the Fop classes and
the Java Transformer classes on the server is a lot faster than creating
them on the client.

I've been looking through the Fop source and it appears the
org.apache.fop.render.awt.viewer.PreviewPanel object actually requires
you to render output when you attempt to display a page, either by
linking it to an FOUserAgent object which is linked to an Fop object
which is linked to a Result object and calling a transform method on
that Result, or by passing in a Renderable object (contains FO code)
which then creates that Fop object and links it with a SAXResult then
creates the transformer and renders it.

The PreviewPanel also extends JPanel which implements Serializable.
This should mean that I should be able to create a PreviewPanel on the
server and copy it down to the client.
Is there any reason the value for displaying in the PreviewPanel must be
passed in this way, as an unrendered object which must attempt to render
on the client (which requires the Fop class object and the Transformer
object to be created), or can we have it render the results on the
server then copy/serialize it to the client with the rendered results in
it?  I have the 1.0 source code where I can attempt to add that for my
use.  If that will work it would be a great benefit to add it to the
project.  I haven't seen anyone else on the lists mentioning the preview
portion of the project so it's likely no one has mentioned it before
because that piece is not widely used yet.  There might be more people
who would use it if this performance problem could be fixed.

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