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--- Comment #4 from Pascal Sancho <> 2010-12-03 11:23:36 
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As said in  REC XSL v1.1  ยง5.3.2, inheritance and computed values for *-indent
are for start-* and end-* sides (left/right in a lr-tb context).

Since fo:block doesn't provide a reference area, inheritance mechanism is

A good practice to indent a table is:
 - use a fo:block-container (witch generates a reference area) to surround the
 - set start-indent or end-indent properties on this fo:b-c
 - set *-indent properties to 0 on fo:table (or what ever content) to enforce
the inherited *-indent to 0 (you can insert a fo:block for such thing between
fo:b-c and fo:table.

In addition, FOP provides the ability to break the REC-XSL inheritance
see the config option [break-indent-inheritance] at [1]

Note: for before-* and after-* properties, the strategy is quite different:
 - stacking areas is not the same problem.
 - see the .conditionality sub-property.


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