--- Comment #1 from Andreas L. Delmelle <> 2011-01-07 
07:38:42 EST ---

Studying this issue closer, it seems to originate in TextLM, line 708:
        } else if (inWhitespace) {
            processWhitespace(alignment, sequence, true);

The literal 'true' means that when finishing the TextLM element list, it is
assumed that there is always supposed to be a break opportunity at the end,
while in reality, this obviously depends...

Using a literal 'true' as parameter value, we get a sequence of
Glue-Penalty-Glue for the space before the nested inline. This produces a break
opportunity that is used by the LineBreakingAlgorithm.

Using '!keepTogether' instead, produces only an auxiliary box in this case and
seems to resolve it.

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