--- Comment #3 from e9925248 <> 2011-01-22 12:39:07 
EST ---
Here is a new version: 

It fixes an NullPointerException, when removing from an nearly empty child
Additionally, this time only spaces.

I hope, that I have caught all regressions: 

The ant output is clobered with known failures, so its difficult to see
regressions there (eg. compared to the GCC testsuite).

Maybe there is a better method to find regression, but I only found:
$ diff -urN <previous test-result-directory> <new test-result-directory>

The test infrastructure includes variable data in its output (time, when the
test was run, run time in ms and so on), so that this means check over 15.000
lines for important changes. I hope, that I have not missed anything.

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