Dear All,

We have an issue regarding the generation of postscript documents using a 
custom type1 font in the greek language. The font we tried is called kerkis 
(can be found @,
but the same behaviour is observed using true type fonts that we have converted 
to type1 using open source tools (like fontforge).

Trying to render the attached with the config given, Fop complaints 
with the following message: processEvent WARNING: Glyph "Δ" 
(0x394, Deltagreek) not available in font "Kerkis". processEvent WARNING: Glyph "Ω" 
(0x3a9, Omegagreek) not available in font "Kerkis".

Our fonts, have glyphs named Omega and Delta - only. Browsing around we found 
that basically, the code 0x3a9 is equivalent to 0x2126 (Omega) and 0x394 to 
0x2206 (Delta). Apparently there are other codes for the Cyrilic version of 
Omega and Delta, that actually "point" to the same glyph. These are all defined 
in xmlgraphics-commons library, in org.apache.xmlgraphics.fonts.Glyphs classm 
put they point to different glyph names, like:



Fop uses this class to resolve codes to glyph names, and then uses this name to 
look the glyph in the font, thus producing the error you see.

I am attaching a patch to be applied to org.apache.fop.fonts.SingleByteFont. 
It kind-of mimics the behaviour of fallbackMap in class 
AbstractCodePointMapping where alternative names for a glyph are searched 
before returning a not found character. 
This solves our problem with producing readable postscript files but we are 
wondering if this is the right way to go and if it is well done.

Can someone check our findings and the patch and/or provide some hints of what 
would be the best way to workaround this issue in a time efficient manner? Are 
we missing something in the configuration? 

Thank you for your time in advance,


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