--- Comment #7 from Mehdi Houshmand <> 2011-02-23 03:45:29 EST 
I've added a bit of testing to the o.a.f.fonts.truetype package, some of which
would be of use here, but my patch is to be applied to the
Temp_TrueTypeInPostScript branch and would require some work to be ported to
trunk. (I assume this patch is for trunk, if not, feel free to ignore the above

As for testing... That is an area we are sadly complacent on and from my
experience with the fonts package, we want both unit tests (which you can
plagiarise from my patch) and we want to have more actual font files to test
with. The problem with fonts is that it's not always obvious where the bugs
are, so we need to test them as exhaustively as we can. 

In my patch, I've used "Droid Sans Mono" (a font I liberated from google's
Android) to test the behaviour of a mono-spaced font since it was under the
Apache license. The unit tests I've added are based on that and DejaVu which
was already supplied and would be fairly worthless without their inclusion.

In summary, no Andreas, to my knowledge there isn't another way to tests fonts
other than the methods you mention. But then, I'm still a little green when it
comes to FOP so someone else may have a better idea.

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