Hi Guys,

I found an issue with a True Type Font in PDF, I have attached a PDF
with the possible bug (buggy.pdf) and with my "fix" (fixed.pdf). The
issue is that if you copy/paste the text from the normal-weighted font
(top line) of the PDF, the " " (space) and "!" (exclamation mark)
characters are mapped to unicode index \uFFFF.

Initially I thought this was a bug in the font, so I looked at the
"cmap" table in the font to see what unicode index these glyphs were
mapped to, and I found that they were the 2nd and 3rd entries in the
"cmap" table. This tickled my curiosity because all the fonts I
remember (and I checked a couple to be sure) have the first 3 glyphs
mapped to \u0000 or \uFFFF and in their CID is .notdef. The BOLD
version of the same font (in both PDFs) works fine, and as expected
the first 3 glyphs are mapped to \uFFFF, \u0000 and \u0000

I also checked the code-base and in o.a.f.fonts.CIDSubset has the
following lines of code:

     * Adds the initial 3 glyphs which are the same for all CID subsets.
    public void setupFirstThreeGlyphs() {
        // Make sure that the 3 first glyphs are included
        usedGlyphs.put(new Integer(0), new Integer(0));
        usedGlyphsIndex.put(new Integer(0), new Integer(0));
        usedGlyphs.put(new Integer(1), new Integer(1));
        usedGlyphsIndex.put(new Integer(1), new Integer(1));
        usedGlyphs.put(new Integer(2), new Integer(2));
        usedGlyphsIndex.put(new Integer(2), new Integer(2));

So I checked the specification and no where does it suggest that the
first THREE are reserved, it does however say that CID 0 should be
.notdef. (see quote below, p340 of PDF spec).

"Every CIDFont must contain a glyph description for CID 0, which is
analogous to the .notdef character name in simple fonts (see “Handling
Undefined Characters” on page 355)."

My question is this, is this a FOP bug or is this a bug in the font
we're using? If it's a fop bug, I'd be more than happy to fix it
(delete the 6 lines and change the method name). If, however, it's a
font bug, then which spec should I be looking at? What is the bug? I
should also mention, that I started with the TTF spec and this doesn't
suggest that any glyphs are reserved.

Any help on this would very much be appreciated,


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