Hi Matthias,

On 21/03/11 19:01, Matthias Reischenbacher wrote:
> Hi Vincent,
>>> Do you think it would be a solution to just move out lines 250 and 252 of
>>> the if statement and execute it always.
>> Yes indeed, this is what I did.
> Why you didn't move out:
> keep = keep.compare(rowGroup[activeRowIndex].getKeepTogether());
> ?
> If i remove the keep attribute from the table and add it on the table row
> the keep doesn't work anymore.

That line corresponds to the keep set on the row, so should be taken
into account only when the row is not finished. If you remove the keep
from the table and set it on rows, then it becomes allowed to break the
table /between/ rows. The fact that a cell may span over several rows
has no influence on that.



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