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           What    |Removed                     |Added
                 CC|                            |
           Platform|Other                       |All
            Version|0.94                        |1.1dev
            Summary|widows not respected when   |[PATCH] orphans/widows not
                   |linefeed-treatment="preserv |respected in some cases
                   |e" is set on an fo:block    |
         OS/Version|Linux                       |All

--- Comment #2 from Andreas L. Delmelle <> 2011-03-27 
02:34:26 EDT ---

Actually, this is a more general issue, too: orphans and widows only work
reliably at the lowest block level and could lead to break-decisions that cause
violations at higher levels in some cases (e.g. blocks consisting of
subparagraphs --preserved linefeeds or nested blocks-- consisting of a single

Attachments to follow:
- a new, extended test case demonstrating some of the issues
- a patch for a partial fix

The fix so far, has forced me to update a few test cases (changes included in
the patch). Those changes all seemed to follow naturally from the corrected
behavior: if a block generates less than 4 lines of content, then that is a
virtual keep-together with default orphans/widows setting. This is now
reflected in the element lists, requiring some shifts in tests on element list

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