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> Test case showing issues with IPD

Did you also have the patch for 50574 applied? If I include that, it seems to
trigger an infinite loop... :-/

What we have here, is a tricky corner case. A combination of changing IPD and
at the same time, overflow in block-progression-direction. Something very
similar --but obviously not identical- to bug 50574. What it shows, is that my
proposed fix for 50574 is either not the right way to address this issue, or at
least, is incomplete.

In an overflow situation at the very first break --in this case: after an IPD
change-, the BreakingAlgorithm generates an auxiliary penalty at the start of
the element list to allow shifting the content to the next column/page if
possible. A new IPD change after page 2 results in an attempted restart from
that auxiliary break-possibility.

With the attempted fix for 50574, this would trigger an infinite series of
restarts, since we keep bumping into the overflow on every new page.

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