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I have a similar bug (fop 1.0), but it doesn't appear in the version 1.3 of
xmlgraphics (fop 0.95).
The problem comes from color model associated with the image.
* if is_sRGB_stdStale = true then getRBG method is very fast
* if is_sRGB_stdStale = false then getRBG  is slow because the treatment is
delegated to ICC_ColorSpace.toRGB

The color model is correct, but it is modified by the class
by the following code (v 1.4): 
            if (providerIgnoresICC && cm instanceof ComponentColorModel) {
                // Apply ICC Profile to Image by creating a new image with a
                // color model.
                ICC_Profile iccProf = tryToExctractICCProfile(iiometa);
                if (iccProf != null) {
                    ColorModel cm2 = new ComponentColorModel(
                            new ICC_ColorSpace(iccProf), cm.hasAlpha(), cm
                                    .isAlphaPremultiplied(), cm
                                    .getTransparency(), cm.getTransferType());
                    WritableRaster wr = Raster.createWritableRaster(imageData
                            .getSampleModel(), null);
                    BufferedImage bi = new BufferedImage(cm2, wr, cm2
                            .isAlphaPremultiplied(), null);
                    imageData = bi;
                    cm = cm2;

I removed this code and it works fine now, but it's dirty.

Until a fix, best regards.

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