--- Comment #26 from Vincent Hennebert <> 2011-06-17 
11:15:57 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #23)
> Add "empty table cell problem":
> This should be easy to solve:
> In PDFStructElement.prepare() 
> change 
>         if (kids.length() == 0) {
> If the test is extended to only trigger, if the current structure element is
> not a table cell [getStructureType() not in (TD, TH, ..) && kids.length() ==
> 0], an empty table cell will be put in the structure tree.

I tried commenting out all the code in that method that removes elements and it
does not work.

Anyway, as described in the mailing list discussion that I linked to in comment
#21, I think the structure tree should not be trimmed, as there is structural
information there that would be necessary for a round-trip process. But in the
current design there is no way to create the right order of text and other
structure elements.

> Maybe PDFStructElement should get a trim empty leaf flag and the decision 
> moved
> to the FOToPDFRoleMap.

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