I do not have Windows7, but I found those fonts, and they work fine.
OpenType seems to be very much a Microsoft game. Linux vendors seem
not to move along with MS. Do other font vendors?


On Wed, Jun 22, 2011 at 01:25:04PM -0600, Glenn Adams wrote:
> Microsoft changed the Indic script processing logic around 2008, and newer
> fonts provide both old 'deva' (now deprecated) and new 'dev2' tables.
> Apparently the older font you accessed does not. I have not tested against
> older fonts that do not support the new 'dev2' semantics.
> I have listed the fonts that I have verified to work at
> http://skynav.trac.cvsdude.com/fop/wiki/SupportedFonts. At present, the
> script detection logic is returning 'dev2' when Devanagari is detected. You
> can override this by using script='deva'; however, I have not explicitly
> tested the Devanagari code against the older logic yet.
> Compare [1] (May 2008) versus [2] (March 2002) for further reference.

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