I find publishing the web site a pain. Forrest has two broken links:

[java] X [0]                                     favicon.ico    BROKEN: No 
pipeline matched request: favicon.ico
[java]  at <map:mount> - 

[java] X [0]                                     compliance.pdf BROKEN: 
internal-destination or external-destination must be specified in basic-link

and ends in an error:

[java] Java Result: 1
[echo]   Copying broken links file to site root.
[copy] Copying 1 file to /fsd/source/xml-fop/build/forrest-docs
[echo] Oops, something broke
[copy] Copying 1 file to /fsd/source/xml-fop/build/forrest/log

There is no subversion checkout, no addition and removal of files, and
no subversion checkin. I do have my account name in
../deploy.svn.settings as <property name="deploy.svn.user"

How can I fix these various problems?


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