I'm sure this is getting a bit off topic but I was wondering if someone
here could help me understand this.
I'm guessing someone here has a better understanding of font graphics
since I started trying to understand it by digging through the FOP
classes used for loading custom fonts and displaying them in the AWT

I'm trying to use this code:
          frc = fontGraphics.getFontRenderContext();
          Rectangle2D r2d = baseFont.getStringBounds("A", frc);
          baseCharWidth = r2d.getWidth();

I need this value in 2 places.
The second place works fine.  baseCharWidth gets a value of 0.60253906
which is what I want.
The first place returns a value of 1.0.
The baseFont object is the same java.awt.Font object in both places.
The fontGraphics in both places is created from a
So the only difference is the BufferedImage.
The second one creates the image from a
The first one doesn't have any GUI yet so I created a dummy image from a

What am I missing?

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