--- Comment #2 from Aleksey Hlyavich <> 2011-09-28 
10:08:53 UTC ---
Hi Vincent,

Thank you very much for explanation. I offer a solution of this problem:

Height of each line is computed in LineLayoutManager.makeLineBreakPosition(...)
by choosing the largest value from all
KnuthInlineBox.alignmentContent.lineHeight values belonging to current line. If
we add attribute alignmentContent to class KnuthGlue we'll have the possibility
to assign glue elements line height and then possibility to choose the largest
value of line height from both all KnuthInlineBox.alignmentContent.lineHeight
and all KnuthGlue.alignmentContent.lineHeight values belonging to current line.

Can you proove that it is the idea FOP needs? If it is I'll start
implementation of this.

Kind Regards,

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