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Created attachment 27864
"" containing files to examine "keep-with-next"

Hi Glenn,

  i have created a new project to run tests against the
keep-with-next.within-page="always" property on an FO object.

The XSL-FO for the project is included in the ""
called "".

To help narrow down the <fo:block
keep-with-next.within-page="always">...</fo:block> where i believe there is a
problem i have extracted from the"" file, with my limited knowledge
about Appache FOP, as well as i could two places where the problem occurs.

These blocks i have saved to the files "" and
"". These files are also included in the 
"" file.

In mytest.pdf file the "keep-with-next" problem can be viewed in two locations.
The first location 1.1. MySubstaion SLD Diagram. The second location is where
2.1.1. Bay: Bay1. In both places you will see that the section heading is
segregated from its image.

According to the "Keeps and Breaks Properties" in the W3C XSL-FO 1.1 standard
compliance table my understanding of the "keep-with-next" property is that it
supposed to keep both the section heading and image together providing that the
implemented block-level FOs are not inline-level FOs or integer specified. I
have run my tests with the "keep-together" property and this does not seem to
be the case.

To get a real sense of how the "keep-with-next" and "keep-together" i have run
my tests against RenderX XEP (Vrsn: xep-4.19-20110414) XSL-FO and sure enough
both the section heading and image together are keep together.

Despite the fact that you have created a wonderful template where i can insert
the problematic blocks to be run against the
"keep-with-next.within-page="always" test case" I am not experienced enough to
know how to do this yet, and if so doing whether or not i am doing it right to
determine whether indeed there is a problem.

Please let me know if the information and files i have included in this report
is sufficient for you to examine this matter.

Alberto Perri

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