On 19/11/2011 11:04, mehdi houshmand wrote:
Hi Simon,

Hi Mehdi,

My apologies, I did float the idea about the layout engine tests and
kept to the suggestions that were given me. As such, creating tests is
exactly the same and the subset of tests run are still configurable
via System properties. The behaviour is the same, the only difference
made is in the implementation.

As for JUnit4 and Jacoco, these are primarily for developers and I'm
not sure what you wish to see documented? What would we document that
isn't repeating information readily available elsewhere?

It doesn't matter that this is a development feature. There is a development tab on the website where you can add documentation about developer tools. Simon is right, we should add some documentation about the Jacoco code coverage script, e.g. How to run it, how to interpret the results etc.

If you have questions, I'd be more than happy to answer them, but
below I've included a couple informative links:

Here is a good introduction to Junit4:

This is a fairly good analysis of Jacoco listing pros and cons, by the
people at Eclipse:

There are plenty of other code-coverage tools, but I chose Jacoco for
predominantly a single feature: It can be used to analyse code
coverage of integration (end-to-end) tests. This would provide
valuable stats for assessing the testing framework.


Hope that helps




On 18 November 2011 18:42, Simon Pepping<spepp...@leverkruid.eu>  wrote:
Mehdi has recommended himself to the FOP team by taking new
initiatives, such as Junit4 and Jacoco. But where is the
documentation? See e.g. the wiki page HowToCreateLayoutEngineTests:
Does that still apply? How do I know what jacoco is and how to run it?
Should I just be in the know?

Please, consider adding and updating documentation of new and renewed
build and test tools.


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