--- Comment #4 from Craig Ringer <> 2011-12-15 07:20:48 
UTC ---
It turns out that the manual font definitions are not required. A regular
directory scan for fonts will add the fully qualified face name as a fake
family automatically, so if you have the font:


then presuming the file name is the same as the internal full face name, you
can reference it in fop with:

  font-family="MyriadPro-BlackCondIt" font-weight="normal" font-style="normal"

Note the use of "normal" weight and slant, even though this is a black
condensed oblique face. Fop appears to always register these fully-qualified
font faces as normal/normal, so if you want to specify an exact face you need
to give a normal weight and slant.

This is really only a workaround for the inability to properly use
font-stretch, however it'll be useful for people who have small-capitals or
other specialized font faces they want to be able to explicitly name.

If you're not sure what fop expects your font to be called, turn on trace
logging in fop and search the log for "registering" (case insensitive) to find
font names.

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