--- Comment #3 from Craig Ringer <> 2011-12-15 07:25:17 
UTC ---
This looks like it might be partly by design.

It seems fop registers a font more than once. It'll register the "most
preferred" face for a family under the general family name, but it'll also
always register each exact face under:

  font-family="TheExactFaceName" font-style="normal" font-weight="normal"

so eg if you have MyriadPro-BlackIt.ttf (with the same face name as the file
name, sans extension) fop will register something like:

  font-family="MyriadPro" font-style="italic" font-weight="900"
  font-family="MyriadPro-BlackIt" font-style="normal" font-weight="normal"

I was only seeing the exact-face-name registrations, which are very confusing.

There is a legitimate bug here, in that fop will always prefer a non-condensed
face to a condensed face when registering for a (family,weight,slant) tuple, so
there's no way to select how condensed you want a font based on
(family,weight,slant,condensed), you have to specify the exact face name as
illustrated in bug #52290 . That's more of a feature request than a bug, though
- a way for fop to store and record information about how condensed a font is.

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