If junit is run with assertions enabled (and they should always be enabled
during junit, but are not configured that way in the standard build.xml
invocations), then an assertion occurs at:

PageBreakingAlgorithm(BreakingAlgorithm).getLineWidth(int) line: 1393
PageBreakingAlgorithm.getLineWidth(int) line: 1084
LayoutEngineTestCase.runTest() line: 160

due to lineWidth being negative (-2000 in this case)

while running the following test file:


I can't tell readily when the assertion failure appeared in trunk, since
assertions have not normally been enabled when running junit; however, it
looks like the assertion was added at:

*Wed Aug 26 18:50:10 2009 UTC* (2 years, 3 months ago) by *vhennebert*
File size: 54321 byte(s)

Merged back ChangingIPDHack branch into Trunk

It would be nice if assertions were enabled by default when running junit;
also, it would be useful if someone could fix the above test case so there
are no assertions when running junit on LayoutEngineTestCase.

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