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Hi Team

Hi Ankit,

Please post questions about using FOP to fop-user mailing list. The developers are subscribed there too.
I am stuck with a peculiar problem.
My client uses FOP v 0.20.5 and I ran thru the entire website but could not find certain feature matrix which can tell me whether */Image-As-Hyperlink/* or */Text-As-Hyperlink/* will work or not. We tried to make such hyperlinks in v0.95, and everything worked, but since client has older version we are not sure if it works or not.

FOP v0.20.5 was released 9 years ago, so its no longer supported. It's so old no one can remember it. Can't you just take your test XSL-FO and run it in client's environment to see whether it works or not. Please encourage your client to upgrade to FOP v1.0 to benefit from 7 years of development!

Can you guys please send us some details using which we can decide whether this functionality will work in older version or not.
Hope this does not cause much trouble. :)



Thanks & Regards
Ankit Saxena

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