I have posted a new patch [1] against trunk (revision 1236835).

[1] http://issues.apache.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=49687#c48

This patch is a cumulative patch, that, if applied to the specified trunk
revision, brings up to date the trunk to my current FOP Complex Scripts
repository state.

The main changes in this patch include bug fixes, new features, and
refactoring and cleanup, about which see [1] for additional details. Of
particular relevance is that this patch attempts to address a number of
comments previously made by reviewers, specifically:

   - need to reduce the size of large class files
      - this was accomplished by promoting nested classes to non-nested
      classes and by further subdividing functionality into distinct classes,
      e.g., the parsing of advanced typographic tables was moved from TTFFile
      into a new class OTFAdvancedTypographicTableReader;
   - need to reduce dependency of bidi functionality on specific FONode and
   Area class types
      - this was accomplished by better using the class hierarchy of FONode
      and Area classes (as opposed to excessive use of instanceof), see, e.g.,
      FONode.collectDelimitedTextRanges(...) and
   - need to better segregate complex script functionality
      - with the exception of FONode and Area specific semantics, this was
      accomplished by moving most new complex script functionality into a new
      package hierarchy org.apache.fop.complexscripts

I believe this patch is ready to be merged into trunk. I am willing to help
facilitate this process however I can.


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