Congratulations and welcome, Glenn.

Le 24/02/2012 15:28, Clay Leeds a écrit :
Congratulations Glenn! Welcome!


"My religion is simple. My religion is kindness."
- HH The Dalai Lama of Tibet

On Feb 24, 2012, at 4:06 AM, Chris Bowditch<>  wrote:

On 20/02/2012 09:16, Chris Bowditch wrote:
Hi All,

Glenn Adams is the author of the Complex Scripts branch for FOP. He has been 
developing it for over 1 year now, providing regular updates to the patch as 
well as support for it via the fop-users Mailing List. I therefore propose 
Glenn is made a committer as reward for his dedication to the FOP project. 
Glenn is an expert in eastern languages (amonst other things) and will bring a 
wealth of valuable knowledge to the FOP development team.

+1 from me.

I meant to say when I opened the vote that I planned to conclude it today. I 
think all active committers have voted anyway. The results are:

9 +1s, no other votes. Therefore the vote passes.

Congratulations Glenn and welcome to the team. Glenn sent me his preferred ID 
offlist and we already have an ICLA on file, so I will file a new account 



Votes on general@ only please.




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