The CS patch entailed making two changes to IFPainter and corresponding
changes to the IF format:

*IFPainter* [1]

(1) drawText - generalize dx parameter to support adjustment of both
placement and advance in both x and y; this change was discussed previously
at [2];

(2) drawBorderRect - change names of parameters {before,after,start,end} to
{top,bottom,left,right} to reflect use of absolute edges not writing mode
relative edges; although this change was not strictly necessary, the prior
use of writing mode relative names was confusing and semantically incorrect
with respect to actual implementations of IFPainter

*Intermediate Formate Schema* [3][4]

(1) on <text/>, continue to support use of legacy @dx, while adding new
@dp; when serializing dp, if it can be representing using the legacy @dx
format, then @dx is used; otherwise @dp is used;

(2) on <border-rect/>, change attribute names {before,after,start,end} to





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