Nice work troubleshooting the file date problem. I have had many problems w 
site deployment since long ago when I first brought the site to more or less 
it's current state of Forrest-y crunchiness. 

I'm currently spending some time researching the method for converting to the 
newly blessed method for site deployment using the new Apache CMS system, so 
hopefully it won't be an issue for too much longer. 


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On Feb 27, 2012, at 12:39 AM, Glenn Adams <> wrote:

> I've been attempting for a few hours now to successfully update the FOP site 
> directory. After a number of attempts I believe I've finally performed an 
> update (subject to an upcoming rsync). I noticed that the first time I was 
> able to perform a deploy.svn successfully, it only updated two files, two 
> newly added files, and did not update any of the other existing files.
> I finally determined that the following lines in 
> forrest/tools/forrestbot/core/deploy.xml
>     <copy todir="${deploy.svn.svn-dir}">
>       <fileset dir="${}"/>
>     </copy>
> were failing to copy the changed (modified) files since the last modified 
> date on the target directory (work/svn-deploy/forrest-docs) were later than 
> the just previously built site directory (build/forrest-docs).
> This was because the newly checkout out files in the target directory had the 
> time of checkout as opposed to the last time of commit on the file, and, 
> consequently, the local site directory files, which are rendered (built) by 
> forrest prior to the checkout, had older last modified times.
> By adding overwrite="true" as follows (along with verbose for a little 
> debugging help), I finally got all the modified site files copied, and 
> subsequently committed by deploy.svn.
>     <copy todir="${deploy.svn.svn-dir}" verbose="true" overwrite="true">
>       <fileset dir="${}"/>
>     </copy>
> Has anyone else encountered this problem? What is the best way to effect a 
> shared fix?
> G.

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