--- Comment #4 from Luis Bernardo <> 2012-03-07 23:14:22 
UTC ---
I confess I did not put a lot of thought into that and instead used the same
pattern that was already present in the that class in the
notifyFontReplacement() method. But the remark is a good one. In a more general
event framework the listener could even indicate at the time of registration of
interest in a particular class of events whether to receive repeated events or
just unique events. In the current event framework, yes, I think that letting
the listener decide whether to notify or not the user makes sense. However, the
problem I see is with the logging. If there is no listener the code falls back
to log.warn() calls and I think we do not want repeated messages to clutter the
logs. Maybe that is the reason it was done like this originally?

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