--- Comment #24 from Vincent Hennebert <> 2012-03-22 
18:00:46 UTC ---
Patch applied in rev. 1303891:

Sorry for the delay about this, and thanks for your patience.

I didn't include the test cases. They still require quite some work, which is
more than I can allocate on this. But most of all, I'm not quite sure that they
represent the right approach to the problem. They use a hell lot of mocking
which makes them hard to understand, let alone maintain.

And despite that, they probably don't even bring adequate coverage. Many fields
are set to a mock of some property (see e.g. EnumLengthTestCase). So the equals
method will compare two physically identical instances, which is definitely a
narrow use case. We should also test the cases of properties made of physically
different but logically identical fields.

Likewise, the tests for not equals should be broader and test different
combinations of field values.

Implementing proper coverage would require even more mocking, and things will
start to be really unwieldy.

I'm not sure what's the right approach to this. Maybe some helper library like


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