--- Comment #7 from Abun <> 2012-03-22 20:46:03 UTC ---
Dear everyone, 

This bug was reported six years ago, 2006.
I used FOP 1.0 and the problem is not fixed yet, if you allow me to say it a

Scud may be a chinese speaker.
I am a japanese speaker.

I really want at least bold rendering support for multi-byte TTC or TTF font.
For example, Windows MS Mincho/Gothic TTC or IPA TTC or TTF fonts.
I am a consultant and sometimes need to offer DocBook-to-PDF output serivce
using FOP processor.
This always causes a problem.

Please advise me to how to add such a support in FOP by myself in any way.
I think I will do it regardless it is a standard-compliant way or not.

Thank you very much.

ARAI Bunkichi, Kobu.Com

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