--- Comment #11 from Jeremias Maerki <> 2012-04-09 11:54:55 
UTC ---
I'm pretty sure the following will be the outcome of the request for comment to
the ASF legal list: The sRGB profile will likely need to be removed from the
Subversion repository and downloaded from the internet during build (which I
find weird and unreliable). Apache PDFBox had to do similar things:

I had added the profile back in 2006 in good faith that putting the license
text right next to the file is sufficient. Apparently, it isn't.

While this fixes the problem for the ASF, the binary JAR will still contain the
color profile which the Linuxers will still leave unhappy. However, I wonder
how other open source projects packaged as Unix packages avoid the problem of
using things like Adobe's CMaps and Base14 AFM font metrics files.

To fix the Linuxers' problem we'd need an open source implementation of the
sRGB spec as an ICC color profile. I haven't found one on the net. Practically
all color profiles I can find have similar license terms as the HP color
profile. Also note that Oracle Java 6.0_29, for example, also bundles the exact
same HP sRGB profile as Apache FOP. OpenJDK, OTOH, seems to be having a
different sRGB profile which contains the string "lcms" and that points to
LittleCMS, but I haven't found the original file in its source code. I also had
problems finding the source code repository of OpenJDK to get an idea where
that file came from and what its license is. Maybe the Linuxers can help here.

Note that the sRGB color profile was added so the colors coming from XSL-FO and
SVG can remain untouched for the output formats that support ICC color
management (ex. PDF). FOP could theoretically live without the profile but at
the loss of calibrated RGB colors and PDF/A and PDF/X functionality. I'm sure
that's not in the interest of the project.

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