--- Comment #7 from Manuel Mall <> 2012-04-10 09:35:47 UTC ---
I am not sure if this is actually a bug. The line building rules in the spec
are anything but easy to understand. For example it says for the line-height
property: "If the property is set on a block-level element whose content is
composed of inline-level elements, it specifies the minimal height of each
generated inline box." In the example given the line-height property value on
the fo:block would be "normal" meaning in the FOP implementation the calculated
value for line-height set on the fo:block would be 1.2 * font-size. Therefore
following the stated rule this would be the minimum height applied to all
generated inline areas. The reasoning behind this is also stated in the spec: 

"Generally, when there is only one value of "line-height" for all inline boxes
in a paragraph (and no tall images), the above will ensure that baselines of
successive lines are exactly "line-height" apart. This is important when
columns of text in different fonts have to be aligned, for example in a table."

I could easily be wrong in my interpretation here but this is my recollection
on how this behaviour came about.

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