--- Comment #14 from Pascal Sancho <> 2012-04-16 
08:19:04 UTC ---
(In reply to comment #13)
> Just for the sake of theoretical, mathematical precision --beyond the third
> decimal, for a value expressed in pt...? Please! :-/

Hmm, many countries use the metric system, so the mathematical precision is not
only a theoretical goal, but a true life need.

IMHO, I think that mp as FOP standard unit is not appropriate.

We should take benefit if the inner FOP unit was based on mm/pt ratio:
254mm equals 720pt (= 10in)

for example, given this new unit (fd, for "FOP dot size"):

1pt = 127fd
1in = 9144fd
1mm = 360fd

pro: we can keep integers values AND mathematical precision

note: if fd precision is not enough, a decimal multiple or other may be used
(x25 if we want that 1/300in gives an integer value when converted in fd).

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