--- Comment #9 from Alberto Perri <> 2012-04-18 07:32:16 
UTC ---
Dear Apache Team,

  i am not an xml expert so please excuse me if i am using the XML terminology

  What i reported now several months ago is not a bug but a great
misunderstanding on my part. When using the keep-together or keep-with-next FO
Attributes it is important to know which elements you want to keep together.
There must be at least two different elements/blocks that have this attribute.
My experience is that if this is not specified nothing will happen. I realized
this when at the request of Glenn Adams i went about butting together a
"maximally minimal" but *complete* input FO test file and corresponding output
PDF file that
demonstrates the problem (along with any external graphics that are referenced
by this maximally minimal FO file).

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