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--- Comment #7 from Glenn Adams <> 2012-04-21 04:08:27 UTC ---
using the Unicode code point U+0052 LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R to mean anything
other than LATIN CAPITAL LETTER R is a violation of both XSL-FO and Unicode
semantics; in order to prevent such mis-use, I have removed [1] the
experimental feature ("workaround") added in [2];


if a user wishes to map a character in a symbol font that does not have an
assigned Unicode code point, then they must use a private use character
provided the font manufacturer provides a cmap entry for that private use code

if there is no assigned private use code point, then, until a more general
mechanism is added to FOP, e.g., adding the ability to augment cmap entries for
specific fonts using the fop configuration file, then glyphs that have no
assigned Unicode code point or private use mapping will remain inaccessible, in
which case you should contact the font supplier to request the addition of such
a mapping;

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