--- Comment #10 from Glenn Adams <> 2012-04-24 05:31:53 UTC ---
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> (In reply to comment #3)
> > Created attachment 26660 [details]
> > The validation of TrueType descenders.
> > 
> > Some times TrueTupe contains incorrect OS/2 ascender and descender, but hh
> > metrics is more correct. In this case the OS/2 descender value is positive 
> > or
> > equal to zero. We found a several fonts that have such problem.
> > In this patch the validation of descender value is added to function
> > TTFFile.determineAscDesc(). The validation of computed localAscender and
> > localDescender is added to TTFFile.guessVerticalMetricsFromGlyphBBox.
> > May such changes could make FOP more robust of font descenders problems?
> if you wish to have this patch considered, please provide a patch file, and 
> not
> an edited source file (for which I have no idea which revision you based it
> upon)

Alexander, I am still awaiting your input as requested above. if I see no
further input by April 30, I will close this bug due to lack of requested
information. Regards, Glenn

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