vincent, thanks for reviewing these; i'll leave 50852 up to your decision
(about whether you want to apply or not before a 1.1 release); i started
looking at 49781 a week or so ago, and i did not see a trivial fix; at
first look, it seems that the ipdAdjust is not being assigned to the
leader, but distributed evenly among the elements; i would have expected
leader to operate similarly to a {\hss.\hss\hfill} in TeX;

On Fri, Apr 27, 2012 at 10:09 AM, Vincent Hennebert <>wrote:

> Hi Glenn,
> Apart from #52704 (license issue with sRGB Color Space Profile), I don’t
> think any of those bugs should be a blocker for the release, because
> none of them are regressions compared to 1.0.
> That said, I would be happy to have a look at the following ones:
> 50852: [PATCH] Improve generation of PDFs with accessibility information
> 49781: Incorrect line length when using leaders
> I’d need to investigate more on the latter one, but if it’s reasonably
> easy to fix we could try and fix it before the release.
> If the license of the color profile cannot be changed, then we’re going
> to have to set up some mechanism to store the file in Bugzilla/JIRA and
> download it at build time. I suppose we can talk again about it once we
> have feedback from Sylvestre.
> On 08/04/12 10:33, Glenn Adams wrote:
> > Following is a convenience link for listing those bugs which I am
> tracking
> > as my FOP1.1 short list. This list contains all open FOP bugs filed since
> > FOP1.0 release date (2012-07-21) that are not in the NEEDINFO state.
> >
> >
> Vincent

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