I found that depending on the value of the "overflow" attribute, the stroke of "path" elements may be rendered wrong.

Having defined multiple paths, setting one of them to be dashed with "stroke-dasharray" causes subsequent paths to be dashed too, if the overflow attribute is set to "auto" or "visible".

It seems to only happen when using the InputHandler.renderTo() method. I tried the following ways to render the SVG:

1) InputHandler.renderTo()
Draws the paths incorrectly, i.e. subsequent paths have dashed stroke when "auto" or "visible" is used.

2) PDFTranscoder.transcode()
Renders correctly.

3) Batik Squiggle
Renders correctly.

Versions used:

  batik 1.7
  fop 1.0
  xmlgraphics-commons 1.4

A sample maven project that demonstrates the issue is available here:


I would appreciate if someone could have a look at this.

Thank you,


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