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I used eclipse envirement with its plugins.The odt files aren't realy necesairy
as they are only the outputs of test fo-files. I am putting now diff files
without odt-files included made with command line svn.

For odt generation I have used :
 + odfdom-java-0.8.7.jar
 + simply-odf-0.6.6.jar

Odfdom, it was what I have found the simplest and that is licence compatible to
fop. Odfdom is really low level api but it was advantage for me that odt render
is a transformation of one xml (fo) to another (.odt).

For the simple-odf I am not glad. I started to develop from this, as I was
beginner in fop and odt. However, during development I was constantly removing
dependencies of its api as I found that odfdom is sufficient. Simply-odf is
still used for Paragraph abstraction but I hope to refactor this to have
everything on xml tags abstraction. So simply-odf is for me a temporary

To this comment I attache :
 + odt_render_without_bin.path : contains only *.java, *.fo
 + img.jpg : file to test should be in
./fop/test/odf/odt/fo_external_grphic/img.jpg (but it is find by google, so I
don't know about the rights to use it, this file can be change by any)
 + odt_outputs.tgz : contains *.odt (names are appropriate to *.fo input files)
 + odt_libraries.tgz : contains odfdom-java-0.8.7.jar, simply-odf-0.6.6.jar

Marek(In reply to comment #1)
> (In reply to comment #0)
> > Created attachment 28913 [details]
> > PATCH for ODT render
> I'm not sure which tool you used to create the patch file, but I am having
> difficulty applying it due to the presence of binary data (*.odt files) in
> the diff. Could you separate out any binary files to be added into a
> separate TGZ file separately attached?
> Also, I see that you patch adds a number of ODF libraries to the runtime
> libs required to run FOP. Although these are coming from an ASF incubator
> project [1], a vote will have to be taken on creating this new dependency in
> FOP. You should also supply the required versions of the JAR files
> containing these new libraries in the TGZ attachment described above.
> [1]

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