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I found this bug via

It's ugly, but if anyone needs an ad-hoc work-around, you can add an invisible
"word" of non-breaking spaces so that the content of the cell actually spans as
many rows as have been allotted for it. ie, replace

<fo:table-cell number-rows-spanned="2">
   <fo:block>Too short!</fo:block>


<fo:table-cell number-rows-spanned="2">
   <fo:block>Too short &#xA0;&#xA0;&#xA0;&#xA0;&#xA0;&#xA0;&#xA0;</fo:block> 

The invisible word gets line wrapped, assuming your table is narrow enough, and
the new block of text is not vulnerable to page-breaking from this bug.

For what that's worth.

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