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> Well actually git-svn has an option to update the svn:mergeinfo. It might
> be worth giving it a try. There are some restrictions and I suggest to test
> it first. The following is part of $ man git-svn
>           --mergeinfo=<mergeinfo>
>                Add the given merge information during the dcommit (e.g.
>                --mergeinfo="/branches/foo:1-10"). All svn server versions
> can store
>                this information (as a property), and svn clients starting
> from
>                version 1.5 can make use of it. To specify merge
> information from
>                multiple branches, use a single space character between the
> branches
>                (--mergeinfo="/branches/foo:1-10 /branches/bar:3,5-6,8")
>                    config key: svn.pushmergeinfo
>                This option will cause git-svn to attempt to automatically
> populate
>                the svn:mergeinfo property in the SVN repository when
> possible.
>                Currently, this can only be done when dcommitting
> non-fast-forward
>                merges where all parents but the first have already been
> pushed into
>                SVN.

Thanks for pointing that out. I had thought to use svn prop set manually as
well, but after reviewing a number of threads on this issue, I've decided
it would be safer to simply avoid merges on the git side, doing them on the
svn side then using git svn rebase on the git side.

I'll fix up the current fop-1_1 branch with a bit of manual rebuilding.

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