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> > It return:
> > FOP Version 1.0beta2
> > 
> > It return:
> > FOP Version svn-trunk
> It is clear you have a local configuration issue to figure out and fix. Your
> tests appear to be using FOP1.0 or some prior (beta2) version, and not the
> current trunk version of FOP. This could clearly account for the differences
> we are seeing.
> Also, I would suggest avoiding the use of directory names containing spaces.
> I have encountered various problems on WIN bat/cmd files due to this usage
> in the past.
> At this point, I'm going to investigate the apparent MAI EK problem and will
> open a new bug against that issue if it turns out to be a code bug as
> opposed to a font bug.

I agree that it is another problem which shall not be discuss in this PMR
because it is unrelated to the original problem.
Please notice me when you open a new PMR.


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